As Ux engineer, I love watching science-fiction movies to imagine what could be the user experience in the future. In these kinds of movies, technologies seem to be very easy to use. Tasks that should take an eternity in real life are so quickly achieved in science-fiction thanks to efficient human-machine interfaces. You need specific information? No problem, just ask to your personal AI. You need to find a needle in a haystack? Easy, use your enhanced vision.

You might say it is just a scenario simplification in order to focus on what is significant for the story. And that’s…

Most home automation systems are based on binary sensors like presence, time, light sensors, etc. For each new activity to detect, you need to install a new sensor — like the Withings Sleep to detect people sleeping for example. It makes it very hard to install and maintain.

As a Ux Engineer, I always imagine new user experiences. So I wanted to try a more scalable approach based on one camera, computer vision, machine learning, and activity recognition.

To make the setup effective, it had to consume less power than the lights it is supposed to control. So the machine…

A long time ago, I finished my engineer school in computer science. Then I started my job as a developer. I was following best practices learned at school like unit tests, renaming, patterns, algorithms optimizations, architecture, refactorizations, modeling, comments, documentation, etc. All the best tools like eslint and prettier were installed in my projects — I am working as a frontend developer. I thought I was a good developer.

A disturbance in the Force

I worked like that for 4 years. During this time I was always feeling something wrong in my way to write code.

Small vs Big dreams

First of all, my way of writing code was…

With the global too-well-known COVID-19 crisis, it is now hard to have face-to-face meetings. Collaboration becomes more challenging. Digital collaborative tools like Zoom, Slack, or Teams become essential.

Years after years, we are told that virtual reality (VR) was mature. In 2017, Gartner considered VR as almost ready for production.

When you work as a digital worker you may think about working remotely. Depending on your employer management policy, it may be part-time or even full-time. But when you are an entrepreneur with full online business, you do what you want! You may even think about working from another country for several reasons: enjoying an advantageous cost of living, discovering new cultures, etc.

As an entrepreneur, you can count only on yourself to keep your business running. In particular, if you are the only one in your company. But in a new foreign country, all your landmarks may disappear. Actions…

Apple just released the new 2020 Ipad Pro. And with this Ipad, Apple provides a new way to interact with the Ipad: a mouse or a trackpad 🖱️. You will see with this article that behind the obvious feature it might be, Apple, like always, took the time to not just implement it but to reinvent it. And I will show you how it can open new possibilities for all platforms.


I always keep up to date about the cutting edges Ux technologies. I like to predict what will be the Ux technologies of the future in the research field…

We are now in 2019. Since 2012 and the first release of Angular and Sass libraries, web technologies have developped well. A lot of libraries/frameworks like React, Angular2 or Vue are born. With them, the setup of the frontend developer has also been upgraded. You have now a lot of tools to help developers to debug, embellish, optimize their code. Progressively released, a lot of them have quite well progressed during 2017 and 2018 and are now stable and with hindsight, I can say they save you a lot of time.

We are now in 2019. It’s time to play…

Context is a new feature released in the official API with React 16.3.0. Very basic at first glance, it reveals its full potential very easily with a bit of imagination.

I experiment the Context feature in React since its first official release 16.3 and now with new release 16.6 I definitively cannot do without it anymore. I already wrote several libraries using this feature and the context always simplify the communication between components.

I will try to explain you in this article how you could use Context in your own React application.

Dependency injection

Context feature is nothing more than a way…

The computer appears progressively

First of all, this article has been written for pedagogical purposes so if you are waiting for the result only, do no hesitate to follow directly these links:


As explained in the title, in this tutorial I will explain you how I got a handsome light effect based on a scrolling gradient animation. To be more accurate, I want that the laptop appears gradually from the top right to the bottom left like if the lighting were expanding. And the animation is synchronized with scrollbar movement:

Thibault Friedrich

Tech addict, ux lover, ready for impossible missions, eagger to learn new user interface technologies like VR, AR, virtual assistants, etc

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