• Richard FONTANGES

    Richard FONTANGES

  • Ivo Sluganović

    Ivo Sluganović

    Cofounder and CTO @ Vibby.com

  • Ana María Montero Barrantes

    Ana María Montero Barrantes

    Music the great communicator | From Milky way

  • Bastien Siebman

    Bastien Siebman

    Asana is my secret tool. Asana Certified Pro. Author of several ebooks. Asana Community #1 contributor in the world.

  • Glenn Y. R.

    Glenn Y. R.

    CoFounder of DATA TRANSITION and BOLDCODE . Loving distributed systems, poetry & chaos. Supporter of #education #basicIncome & #resilientSociety

  • Guigx


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